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Transmission Service & Repairs

Transmission service and repair shop in New York

As new technologies were conceived, automobiles, as well as other means of transportation, were duly improved, so that they served as the basis for the emergence of versions with superior performance capabilities. Therefore, a workshop specialized in transmission repairs has the mission of offering and executing the appropriate services to perpetuate the full functioning of the cars.

The benefits of assistance from a transmission repair shop

Constituted by the steering wheel, gearbox, differential, and transmission shaft, the state of conservation of the transmission system influences the quality in which the vehicle performs its locomotion, precisely because this system is responsible for converting the touch produced by the engine into traction.

In another way, the transmission system allows both speed and power to be controlled, changing travel conditions according to the driver’s needs.

Currently, we have at least three models of these systems available:

Manual or mechanical – This device offers an interface that allows the driver to regulate the performance of the car using different levels of control (gears);

Automated – With a working principle similar to the manual transmission system, it uses an electronic clutch which does not require the presence of a pedal.

Automatic – The automatic system identifies the gear compatible with the conditions of the journey, executing the change without the driver’s commands.

As much as it is provided with high durability, a transmission system can exhibit failures, damages, or other adversities caused as a result of continuous and intense use, being the performance of a workshop specialized in transmission repairs.

As a result of these factors, a workshop specializing in transmission repairs like Auto Collision Specialists is essential to provide efficiency.