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Tires and Wheels Repair Services in New York

Tires and wheels are very important items because, in addition to supporting all the weight and load, they help to keep the vehicle on the correct path. Wear of these components, caused by the conditions of use and frequent contact with holes, obstacles, and debris is inevitable.

To keep them in good condition, it is necessary to pay attention to the periodic maintenance periods. It is essential to prolong the useful life of tires and wheels, ensuring better handling and greater safety and comfort for occupants.

There are some tips to maintain our tires and wheels. One thing is to maintain the correct tire calibration and do it at the intervals recommended in the manual. Include the spare tire and check the pressure when the items are cold. Another thing is to align every 5000 miles or when changing the tires, when the wheels shake, the steering wheel is hard, or if the car goes sideways when the driver releases the steering wheel. Another way to maintain the tires and wheels is to make the balance every 5000 miles or when changing the tires, when rotating, or when there is vibration or irregular wear of the tread. Also, the inner part of the tire must be checked for impacts or punctures. You should also rotate every five or 10000 miles to optimize tire performance and ensure a comfortable ride. Check the manufacturer’s manual for more details.

Also, bald tires should be changed as soon as possible, as there is a risk of overflow, instability of the vehicle on wet tracks, greater propensity for skidding, and risk of a fine. Slightly damaged wheels are repairable! Generally, the fault is corrected, the application of plastic or solder, base application, finishing paint, and, finally, varnish to give shine and protection to the part. In the case of deep damage, it is recommended to buy a new wheel, especially if the repair price exceeds one-third of the item’s value.

Auto Collision Specialists has a modern repair center, with highly qualified professionals to carry out the maintenance of all types of wheels and tires, from domestic to imported vehicles.