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Engine Repair Services

Engine Repair Services in New York

The engine is the heart of the vehicle and needs periodic maintenance at least once a year or every 10,000 km. The most common precautions are changing the oil and filters (air, oil, and fuel). But other items require preventive maintenance, such as timing belts, cables, and spark plugs, and coolant.

Their exchange can be done at home, but you need to pay attention to some details, such as the disposal of oil and cooling fluid, which cannot be done in the sewer network. The toothed belt normally requires more accurate knowledge of the engine’s operation, because if installed incorrectly, it can change the engine’s ignition point and cause malfunctions. In the worst case, it can cause the valves to run over, with severe damage to several parts of the cylinder head.

The question that may arise is: and when maintenance is up to date and the engine starts to fail or present high consumption, what can it be and what to do? The first item to be checked is the fuel, as quality is fundamental for the proper functioning of the engine. Bad fuel contaminates the lubricating oil, spark plugs, and injector nozzles. To avoid problems, it is recommended to always refuel at the same station, during business hours and ask for an invoice. It may also happen that one or more components are of a different specification than the correct one or are defective. In this case, it is necessary to review all systems until finding the defect.

Some of the things we at Auto Collision Specialists recommend for servicing the engine are cleaning the injector nozzles, use of quality engine oil, replacing a timing belt, changing of air filter at least once a year.